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I am thrilled to start working with you on your custom pet painting. Let's get started.


1. Purchase

To start, visit the Sizes & Prices page to select the size you would like. Additional subjects in a painting are an extra 25% each, and the smallest size for two subjects is 16"x20".


2. Submit Photo

After placing your order, I will contact you within 24 hours. You can then send your pictures, and we will discuss the details. The picture of Mandy to the left is great because it is close up with no flash and is very clear. In general the goofier the look, the better. If you live in Denver, we can meet for a photo session.  If you have limited pictures to choose from I can still make it work although the quality of the image impacts the quality of the painting.

Feel free to submit information on your pet, specifically their personality. I strive to capture your pet's unique character in the portrait.


3. Timing

Paintings usually take 4-12 weeks. In some cases, they can be completed much sooner and rush jobs with just a couple days turn around are available for a fee when workload permits. I’ll send you a picture of the near-final piece for your approval before I ship. At that time you are welcome to suggest any changes you'd like to see in the final portrait. 


4. Alternative payments

If you prefer, you can also pay 50% up front and 50% upon completion. I take cash, check or charge. Checks can be made out to BFF Pet Paintings and sent to David Kennett at 5501 E Gill Pl., Denver, CO 80246.​



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